22 M/S Keller Piezoresistif Basinç Transmitteri Seri 22 M/S
  • Piezoresistif Basinç Transmitteri Seri 22 M/S
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  • Seri 22 yüksek adetli üretimler için ekonomik çözümler sunar.
  • Series 22 offers a reliable cost effective solution for customers requiring medium to high ­quantities, of mass produced transmitters. Utilising the KELLER automatic brazing lines, this new technology allows crevice-free construction of the pressure port with no internal seals or O-rings, making possible high volumes at low cost.
  • In the brass 22 M, a steel insert and a nickel diaphragm are brazed into a brass housing. In the steel 22 S, all parts are stainless steel (AISI 316 L). The glass feed-through header and silicon pressure sensor are welded to the steel insert underneath the oil filling.