KK Endüstriyel Nem Sıcaklık Sensörü (Kanal Tipi)
  • Galltec+Mela® sensors in the A series combine the digital measured value processing with the advantages of our robust industrial sensors which can be used at temperatures up to -80...200°C resp. at pressures up to 25 bar and are ideally suited for demanding industrial applications. The A series with exchangeable sensor part consist of a
  • calibrated sensor part with 4-pin plug and a transmitter with analog output. Sensor part and transmitter can be combined
  • and matched with each other, according to the physical and mechanical requirements.
  • The measured humidity and temperature values are calculated in the calibrated sensor part with the calibration values stored there, and are passed on as digital measurement values. The sensor parts are either firmly connected to the transmitter or are exchangeable via plug-in connection and can be readjusted on site using buttons and LED. They can also be factory-calibrated and readjusted using software.
  • Nem: 0...100% RH ,
  • Sıcaklık: (-)25...125°C ,
  • Hassasiyet: +/- % 2 RH
  • Prob çap: Ø15 mm ,
  • Muhafaza: Metal muhafazalı
  • Filtre: Paslanmaz Çelik
  • Çıkış: 2x4-20mA veya 2x0-10V
  • Opsiyonel: PTFE filtre